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i miei strumenti

Jazz guitar

The use of this instrument for Umberto Viggiano is very varied. Expert rhythmic swing also plays in the orchestra. The original trio that plays songs dixieland replacing the voice of the trumpet with that of the guitar. The musicians of the past that are inspired by Freddie Green, Bix Beiderbecke, Bobby Hackett, Charlie Christian.


The instrument comes from research on Middle Eastern sounds and collaboration with the violin of trust (Fabrizio Trono Storm Guitar) that Umberto Viggiano entrusts the task of creating this very special instrument with various ways of tuning, renamed ManOud. The repertoire consists mostly of original songs and formations that he prefers are only Oud and Trio.

Chitarra Manouche

The voice of the guitar manouche perfectly interprets the compositions of Umberto Viggiano which is inspired by musicians such as Fapy Lafertin, Tchavolo Shmitt. The passion for the time waltz supports many of his compositions. The repertoire is vast and includes songs swing, waltz, traditional musette and of course the classic Django Reinhardt remains the true father of inspiration. The teams are the favorite quartet and trio.


Gipsy Jazz guitar video lessons

Driven by the desire to transfer the technical concepts and harmonic guitar manouche Umberto Viggiano has agreed to carry out, in collaboration with mium Comunication, video guitar lessons Gipsy Jazz with whom to share the methodology buy during his years of study The course articulated in 20 video lessons for half an hour is a good tool to discover the secrets of this wonderful genre.

The course will be available soon


Umberto Viggiano from an early age he devoted himself to listening to classical music by storing and transporting the language of the earliest compositions to which he devoted himself naturally age of twelve. His love for music makes it simple the complexity of the piece of music.

Lover of beauty and the swing is experienced in training dixieland who approach him for a short time to the sounds of the trumpet and bass, through moments dedicated to the cool jazz and bebop. His musical education is mostly based on the careful selection of teachers. Living in various Italian cities like Bologna and Rome, where he also 'UM. At that time he discovers disks Django Reinhardt who become his material for study and research.

To learn the technique manouche collaborates with leading exponents of this style living for short periods in the gypsy camps enjoy looking for "feel" manouche more and more convinced that music is the only one who can not lie.

Convinced of the importance of sharing their knowledge to a collective evolution is now engaged in teaching students seeking to transfer their method of study that over the years has allowed him to achieve high technical skills. Perfectionist sound created his own recording studio to experiment and study the improvement of the recovery acoustics. Today is one of the most famous guitarists in Italy with an intense artistic activity that brings in the most important Italian and European clubs.

Among the collaborations include: Frank Vignola, Luciano Milanese, Gary Mazzaroppi, Vinni Raniolo, Lino Patruno, Lollo Meier, Samson Schmit, Robin Nolan, Red Pellini, Giovanni Amato, Gianluca Galvani, Jacopo Martini, Joseph Bass, Attilio Troiano, Pierlugi Balducci, James Desiante, Carlo Ficini.



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